17 novembre 2015

You are what you love, my 17th birthday

On November 12 I turned seventeen. One year until I am officially an adult, but I get the feeling there won’t be a turning point where everything will be clear for me on how to act “adult-like”. Pretty sure now that even grown-ups are faking it. Still, next year will be more notably the start of cegep, which is exciting, the year I get my driver’s license (I’m a little late on that, it’s scheduled late January) and I am also planning out my summer, thinking about going as an au pair. I’m happy to be at this point, but it’s also a certain pressure when I think of my ten-years-old self, I was spending a lot of time thinking how I would turn out as a teenager, of all the things I would be doing and I became something else. I’m insecure about it; dealing with self-doubt is hard when you’ve just changed school because there’s a compulsion to act like someone else with these new people. The thing is, you are who you are, or as Laverne Cox said, you are what you love. And that’s not going away because it scares you or stoop people at school say you have “cheesy taste” (hum.. hum.). It’s ironic to read articles that tell you you’re the best, because it’s addressing everyone and not everyone can be "the best", but you have to think a little selfishly on that bit and trust that you ARE that good. Grosso modo: you’re awesome and everyone else is literal trash. That’s all the wisdom I have to serve today, now let’s see what I was up to on my birthday (see that, I’m being selfish just as I said to do):
On my birthday I went to get a haircut, and baby, the bangs are back!! I also ate doughnuts, went to see ROOM (my mom and me cried like idiots) and then we had a family dinner with Nico.
 Saturday, my friends where coming over. I had this idea to make my dining room feel like a nice restaurant so I hung up tons of Christmas lights.
 Gus was obviously in charge of the security and any food falling on the ground.
 Morgie was there, telling us some school theater's gossips.
 We ate burgers with fries and milkshakes.
 Michelle and Sophie
 And Charlo
 Then we played some board games, I forgot to get a picture of my team with Sophie (we were called Bay in honor of switched at birth).
 Charlo was included with the Asian supreme for some reason...
 The Moriarty won and they won’t be allowed to team up next time. Seriously those two girls are too good/evil when they get together.
 And when everyone left, Caro and I cleaned up while listening to Miley and her Dead Petz. Such a nice night, it made me realised I do have the group of friends I pictured when I was 10. Funny, creative, smart and cute as hell.

See you soon!!! You are the best ;)

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