8 novembre 2015

Finger painting Nail art + meeting soothing sista

Here’s my Halloween nail art, which matched with my Cheerleader costume. I reproduced the pattern of those Forever21 socks with a cheap craft store paintbrush, a dotting tool and for the black “brush strokes” effect, a nail art liner that dried up. The other nails where in this very easy “drippy blood technique” but with gold to mimic my gold tear. Now I’m rocking my favorite nail polish, an electric blue from Lancôme because my Seventeen’s horoscope told me so.

ALSO, unrelated news, yesterday Caro and I met the one and only soothing sistaa!! It was cool, but also nerve wracking and awkward. I didn’t do eye contact and after 2 minutes I just said THANKS BUH-BY! And then I felt bad for Caro because I cut our time short and it was stoopy. I couldn’t ask her about Jenn, or Ben L Seriously it wasn’t my day, I even offended a waiter with my too-expressive face when he offered me cucumber lemonade and I knocked down a dummy at Brandy Melville. Still it was fun to see Caro buy me stuff for my birthday. Only 4 days to go!! 
I was too excited to make a cute face...
So on that note, with my sexy oesophagus, have a great week and happy teatcher's strike if you are lucky like me !!


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