20 novembre 2015

fresh after PE | survival guide

Depending on your level of commitment in gym class, but you can sometimes leave fresh as a rose (like when you did goalie and your team’s defense was realllly good) or sweaty and stinky and just feeling disgusting and not wanting to go on with the rest of your day(like after a hardcore crosse game). If you’re lucky you can take a shower after, but with my experience, there’s no time for that or just no doors on the showers. Here are my 5 steps to feeling fresh:

1. Get undressed. I start with the clothes that are the most sweaty (EWWWW! But, true.) like socks and t-shirt, use those clothes to wipe the sweat and then let those body parts breathe a little before putting my uniform back on. You might look weird hanging out in your bra, but it’s necessary if you don’t want your normal clothes to be sweaty. Also, good time to start the “Where did you get that bra” convo that always happens in the girl’s lockers.
2. When I wait to cool off, I put on some deodorant, like this travel-size one I got at Wall-Mart. Don’t be the smelly kid.
3. After I’m all dressed I go in front of the mirror and use one of these H&M’s wet wipes that smell so good. I use it to freshen up my face, trying not to remove my eye makeup. Next time you wait in the line at H&M to pay, grab one of these!
4. I spray dry shampoo in my roots, undo my ponytail and do a few hair flips. I also got this travel-size at Wall-Mart.
5: Wash your hands. Usually they get pretty dirty from the balls and the rock climbing grips and the tennis racquets and the sweats and ewwww. Again, so disgusting, don’t forget that step or you will fall asleep on those hands in math class.

You’re now feeling good. You now smell good. You’re now looking good. Take your water bottle to your next class and no one could ever tell that it took you everything to do that Cooper test. Well done, athlete buddy ;)

Mon petit guide pour se sentir propre après un cours d'édu ainsi que mes produits essentiels.

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