13 septembre 2015

Best of all | Photo diary

 Since I changed school, I no longer see Caro that much. I do miss her, it’s the only thing I regret in my decision, but I feel that now when we hang out it’s so much better, there’s no stupid little fights or frustrations (usually because we can both be grumpy). Yesterday we had such a great day that we didn’t want it to end. I miss her during the week, but knowing that I have a friendship like that, it’s really not that hard to wait a little longer.
 First, the gang reunited for a brunch with those fancy toasts of Instagram.
 Looking serious with chocolate milk.
 Then we headed to Sephora for a brow appointment with @cath-juliette.brows. It was stressful because I thought she would remove very little, so in the middle of it I was so scared there was nothing left. Turns out I love the result and there’s no longer a “better brow” and a “worst brow”.
  Then after eating dessert at Yeah! and the two of them being awkwardly massaged at Lush, Charlo left for a family dinner.
 Caro being initiated to thrifting on Saint-Laurent. Next time, we will go all the way and switch from “boutique” style thrifting to “Value Village” thrifting. I think she’s ready.
 She found a baseball jersey and me those really cool, really Pretty in Pink sunglasses.
 Then we ate burgers with fries and milkshakes (ULTIMATE TRIO) at Burger Royal. Mine had guacamole and sweet onions ^_^
Afterward, everything was closed but we did not wanted to go home already so we strolled to Chinatown to check out the new It’s Skin beauty shop. We talked about when we would live at our own places how nice it would be to come home.

Finally, we took the metro back home, singing the very cheesy I wanna be with you and imitating girls at school who think they sing so well.

 End of photo diary, have a great week <3

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