4 avril 2015

Universal Soldier

In my grandparent's office where my grandfather makes baits.

T-shirt, cardigan - H&M
Jeans - Simmons
Boots - Aldo

This Weekend :

Toast with avocado and tomatoes, a risotto made with the help of the cook it box (upcoming post on that) and lots of chocolate

 We shall overcome, a playlist of protest songs from the 60-70 and Invisibilia a NPR podcast about the invisible force that shapes human behavior, I recommend the episode about expectations where they prove a blind man could see if we expected him to

 L’ombre du vent and Jane Eyre, due to school and public library deadlines, I need to finish them

 Unbreakable Jimmy Kimmel, KiKi’s delivery service

 Probably going to buy a cute dress for Easter, otherwise my pyjama

I hope you have a nice Easter if you celebrate it, otherwise enjoy this long weekend!


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