31 octobre 2015

Cheers & Teers | my halloween costume

Happy Halloween!

This year after a lot of indecision, I decided to be a cheerleader *with a twist*… So I’m an obsessive cheerleader who’s really ROOTING for you and also staking you actually. The makeup was really nice because I had an excellent excuse to experiment with glitter. I found on Youtube a tutorial of glitter roots, and I also used eyelash glue to add some more on my lids. For the gold tears, I was inspired by THIS picture and the costume by THIS one. Here’s how I made the rest:

Shirt: Bought the letters from Micheals and sew/iron them on.

Shoes: Caro made me 2 bows with ribbon that I tied to my shoes. She is a retired cheerleader so she’s an expert in bow making.

Pompoms: I bought 0.2 meters of fabric in 3 colors, which I cut in 1 inch wide strips. I split those in 2 equal pompoms and then I passed my needle with a strong thread through all of them and I taped that part with electric tape to create the handle.

 Hope you had a great and spoopy Halloween as well<3

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