13 décembre 2015

It's drag time.

 Today is drag time.

I love to watch the part in Rupaul’s drag race when the queens get ready, chat and shade the other queens. I love how they slowly turn into their alter-ego when they glue down their brows, sort out their face sticks and apply their eyelashes. It’s also when the old-school queens bitch against the younger ones and that’s there’s for sure going to be one who reveals something dramatic from their childhood.

 I wanted to try it. Caroline and I always talk about our drag names (Ambiantz and dezigouâl, the spelling keeps changing) and what kind of queen we would be, more Willam or Alaska? Anyway, it was the time to try it for real and it was a lot of work and fun to do the makeup. It took hours and the more time went by and the more makeup was piled on, the more our drag personas came to life. Dezigouâl is an haute-couture queen, weird, rich and funny. Ambiantz is a little trashy, rude and hunting for a sugar daddy. They dance to American Apparel Add girl and I’m your dad now continuously. Their eyebrows are probably very wrongly glued down but their lips are well drawn. They also entertain a strong love-hate relationship because they are both shady ladies.
Hope you like this photoshoot!


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