24 septembre 2015


Your 2 favorites DIY GURUS are back and more determined than ever to show you FASHIÔN. We stepped on a poo (4 real, of a dog), got hair stuck on our gloss and got sweaty armpits from a certain plastic dress... The wait is over, here is, for the third year in a row, OUR DIY FASHION WEEK! YEEEE!

Vos deux GURUS du DIY, maîtresses absolues de la couztumisation, sont de retour et plus déterminées que jamais à vous montrer la plus récente FASHIÔNE. Nous avons marché dans un caca (pour vrai. De chien.), eu des cheveux pognés dans notre gloss et avons sues dans une certain robe en plastique... L’attente est terminée, voici, pour une troisième année consécutive, notre DIY SEMAINE DE LA MODE! YOUPIII!


Morning Routine feat.Norma Kamali Spring 2016
Girl gotta wake up with HORIZONTAL LINES! Keep your chakras asleep so they won't torment you.

Casual talk with the gods in Alexander Wang spring 2016
 Can you beleive my grand-ma is so fashion foward she gave this to me at Christmas 2 years ago? What a steal!

Hanging in the school bathroom in Jeremy Scott just to give dirty looks
Upgrade last season black trash bag for a white one and let your kids ruin it like they do with the walls!

Pumping like it was the last breath of air wearing Vera Wang
 Sell it but not TOO much, you don't want to look desesperate, wear spanks underneat for a more modest approach.

Girls night out with the bestie, matching in Yeesy
 And if a weirdo is being weird, you two could just camouflage in a pile of dirt!

Be shady with Jeremy Scott
Sweating because you sell the same dress for 20 years feat. Betsey Johnson

So there it was. If you want this to go on forever, check out last year post:
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