13 juillet 2014

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Bonjour tout le monde! Puisque je suis en vacances aux États-Unis, ce billet va être court. Premièrement, je voulais vous prévenir que je serai parti pour le reste de l'été à un camp. J'ai prévu pleins de billets mais je ne pourrai par contre pas répondre à vos commentaires avant mon retour. Je voulais aussi vous dire que mon billet How to style a graphic t-shirt a été choisi pour être dans les Links a la mode. Youpi!

Hi everyone! Since I'm in vacation in the United State, this will be a quick post. First I wanted to let you know that since I'm away at camp for the rest of summer, my next posts will be scheduled and I won't be able to answer your comments until I come back. I also wanted to tell you that my post How to style a graphic t-shirt was featured in Links a la mode. Yay!


Style Everywhere

This week we have all kinds of links. From the very personal getting to feel comfortable in your own skin, to the runways of Paris and the runways Kendall Jenner is on. When is the best time to go shopping? What do you do with your old necklaces? Questions, questions, all those random things that go through our minds throughout the day... will be fit for musing with this week's roundup! Enjoy!

Links à la Mode: July 10th

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