22 mai 2014

My first makeup video ; Grey Wing

Avant l’été dernier, je ne comprenais pas vraiment comment utiliser YouTube. Je ne savais simplement pas comment trouver une chaîne intéressante à m’abonner et je pensais que le seul intérêt était les vidéos de chats ou les vidéoclips. Mais après quelques recherches, j’ai découvert plusieurs YouTuber et de fil en aiguille je suis devenue une visiteuse régulière. Je dirais que 70 % de mes abonnements sont des  beauty gurus ;des filles qui partagent leurs trucs beauté et montre comment exécuter des maquillages impressionnants. Mes favorites sont MsRosieBea, Nikkie Tutorials et LisaEldrige. Ces beauty gurus m’ont inspirées à faire un vidéo à mon tour! J’apprécierais énormément vos commentaires et suggestions pour m’aider à m’améliorer, tourner un vidéo de 5 minutes est plus difficile qu’il n’y paraît!

Before last summer, I didn’t understood how to use You Tube. I simply didn’t know how to find a cool channel to subscribe and I thought that the only interest was cat videos and music videos. But after a few research, I discovered a few Youtubers and one thing leads to another I became a regular visitor. I would say that 70% of my subscriptions are beauty gurus; those girls who share their beauty tips and show how to recreate impressive makeovers. My favorites are MsRosieBea, Nikkie Tutorials and LisaEldrige. Those beauty gurus inspired me to make a video myself! I would really appreciate your comments or suggestions to get better at making videos; it’s harder than it looks!

Aussi, je mon billet What's in my suitcase + packing tips est dans Links à la Mode!
Also, my post What's in my suitcase + packing tips is the Links à la Mode!


Fashion Reality

This week, it took me a long, long time to curate the links, not because of lack of quality, but because there were so many interesting topics to explore. Look Sharp Sconnie, let her facial hair grow to make a point about femininity and documented it beautifully. Vic Styles pondered if you wear the same clothes, can you be stylish? My Fashion S/ash Life found some remarkably stylish gents. And Pupuren discussed the phenomenon of photographing oneself, how one's face changes. (I know this from experience). We may put a face on for the digital world, but there are always a few brave enough to take off the mask.

Links à la Mode: May 22

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